What Are The TOP Five Apps For Sustainability?

Updated: May 30

Many of us have smartphones and have access to millions of apps and platforms. In this list we provided the top five apps we believe can benefit not only you but increase sustainability for the earth also.

So you want to be more sustainable?

1. Ecosia

Ecosia has committed to plant millions of #trees every month with their monthly profits from revenue. As a user, every time you utilize the search engine and privately search the #web, Ecosia will plant trees. Ecosia has planted over 1 billion trees with the help of others. Ecosia allows their users to fully track their finances and know where the trees are being planted. #Go Ecosia.

2. Recycle Coach

Do you want to #recycle but often forget the days or not sure what to recycle? Recycle Coach has created an app just for you. At Recycle Coach provides you beneficial information related to your specific geographic location. Recycle Coach can set calendar and notification reminders so you never miss an day. Recycle Coach also allows you to search within the app for material and sorting guides to make the process easier for you. Another cool thing about Recycle Coach is they offer free activities, blogs, and quizzes to participate in.

3. Forest

Having trouble staying focused? Well #forest provides an great incentive to make focusing a reward. The app Forest allows you to put your down to focus on any productive activity and plant trees. That's right, you heard me right! This app helps you focus and increase your productivity and also help the planet. Talk about Win #win WIN! You have access to plant multiples trees within your own forest and challenge your friends. Whose up for the challenge?

4. Happy Cow

Looking for healthy food but don't know where to go? The next big thing for #vegan #food delivery and takeout is Happy Cow. With #Happy Cow you have access to over 140,000+ restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores in 180+ countries. #NO more endless searches for food. In Happy Cow, there's a community of 450,000+ providing reviews, pictures, and their own personal favorites.

5. To Good To Go

Did you know each year 40% of all edible food in the US is thrown away. The App To Good To Go has found a beneficial way to address this issue. Join the app with over 38 million users to combat food waste. As a user you can support small restaurants, bakeries, and supermarkets and get great food at a good price.

Now you have it, the TOP Five Apps to Increase Your Sustainability all from your smartphone. These apps allow you to be more eco-friendly and make sustainability more accessible. All applications provided are free to use, except Forest and Happy Cow which are under $5. All of the apps mentioned can be found in the app-store. What are some other sustainable friendly apps that are beneficial to use?

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