Here's the #tea...Who is Palace Pursuit and Why You Should Support?

I know the feeling a new company can sometimes to be a challenge to support because you don't know anything about the business, their beliefs, our morals. We wanted to clear the air, so we are writing this post.

1. We have a strong passion to bring awareness to climate change.

One of the major reasons for our commitment to our brand and logo is to bring significant awareness to climate change, global warming, and sustainability. Palace Pursuit pledges to offer sustainable products that benefits the earth without creating inconvenience for our customers. We wanted sustainability to become more #accessible and #affordable to everyone because each person can positively impact the globe and local community.

2. We pledge to donate $1 of every $10 spent to organizations that we have partnered with.

Utilizing our platform to make donations to organizations that directly combats climate change is extremely viable to our mission. We plan to partner with numerous organizations and find reliable resources to address climate change. While you're supporting Palace Pursuit and creating awareness for climate change, you are also helping other organizations address global warming, oil spills, and more.

3. Coming Soon: We offer numerous sustainable apparel with various materials to choose from.

At Palace Pursuit, we are able to offer several materials that were made sustainably and eco-friendly to earth. Some of the several materials we offer are organic cotton, regenerative cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Although, currently we do offer traditional cotton because it's easily accessible in the U.S; Soon our apparel materials will expand and we will offer several options to chose from.

Well Pursuiters, that's who Palace Pursuit is and the top three reasons why you should support our #brand. We truly believe our customers are a huge part of our #success to spreading #awareness for climate change and making an positive #impact to our #climate.

Thanks for reading, Who is Palace Pursuit and Why You Should #Support.

Share below any tips you like to see us implement on spreading awareness or anything else.

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